About BDE Casting and Experience

ABOUT Bellydance Evolution Professional Cast Auditions:BW4

The Bellydance Evolution residency and festival program is designed to allow dancers to train with the directors and the main cast of BDE, as well as perform in the production.

For each Festival/Tour BDE will be casting up to 12 (Female) Oriental & up to 4 (Female) Tribal Fusion dancers to perform in the latest show, as well as 1 (Male) Tribal Fusion dancer.  We are now also seeking 1 Tribal Fusion soloist (male or female) and 1 Oriental (female) for featured lead roles in the show. 

Dancers are selected via an Online Casting. Chosen dancers will then participate in an intense one-week training session to prepare them for the show.   Joining a BDE Cast is a great and unique opportunity for dancers to network with each other and get extensive training and experience, that they can then share with their students to raise the level of art in their community. Dancers earn a small honorarium for their performance.

ABOUT Jillina's BDExperience:

Open to intermediate to advanced dancers — female and male, ages 16 and up — aspiring to be professional theatrical bellydancers,  this program is for those who want to train with and perform in a group, become a featured soloist, or dream of performing in a theatre!

The BDExperience is a professional development program designed to challenge you to take your dancing to the next level.

Those accepted will —

  • * Receive 4-6 weeks of online coaching.
  • * Learn original group choreography; improvisation; personal choreography exploration.  
  • * Participate in a 4-day rehearsal intensive (over 32 hours),
  • * PERFORM in the show with original music, one-of-a-kind costumes, and innovative choreography.


It is the goal of the BDExperience to create high-level opportunities for dancers, to deepen and strengthen existing dance practices, and to take dance careers to the next level.

Dancers are selected via an online application and audition process.

Cast size is limited to 12 Oriental, 8 Tribal, and 5 Solo performers, to give each dancer personal attention.

Tuition prices vary depending on the location. Select a location you are interested in attending for more details.